Out & About? Visit These Great London Food Markets

London food markets are a great place to mix in with both tourists and locals, enjoy great food and ambiance, while shopping for unique gits and souvenirs.

There is a wide variety of traditional and international food, plus entertainment for all ages.

Here I have compiled a list of my five favourite London food markets.

I included a bonus at the end just for you!

Covent Garden London

London Food Markets Covent Garden

I love Covent Garden in London. It is one of the best London food markets because it offers so much.

Covent Garden market has a great and engaging atmosphere.

The is no shortage of restaurants or bars here. You will find a wide variety of choices in food both day and night time.

It is also a wonderful place for street entertainment.

This London food market is well known and popular among both locals and tourists.

In comparison to other London food markets it tends to be somewhat overpriced and overcrowded.

Camden Market

London Food Markets Camden

Camden market has always been a favourite of mine.

I have spent many hours at this London food market, not eating but rather shopping.

Not because there isn’t great food here, there are lots of wonderful choices in cuisine, but I find myself visiting this market to get gifts and souvenirs.

I even got one of my ears pierced here!

I like going there on Sundays but so do hundreds of others, so prepare for  the market to be very busy, and full of life.

If you decide to take the Canal Boat, dress warm. You can also opt for the Camden Market walking tour.

Of all the London food markets, is is the most cosmopolitan, eclectic and diverse.

Brick Lane Market

London Food Markets Brick Lane


London Food Markets Brick Lane Graffiti

Do you like not only food but street art?
Brick Lane Market is a great London market to enjoy during the week.

It is not as busy as most other markets and you can really take your time to look around and enjoy good food. Superb value for your money on various cuisine.

Variety of food is greater on Sundays due to the larger influx of people.

Many locals and tourists come here for vintage items, unique, and quirky stuff.

Walk around and enjoy the street art or go into a courtyard to view the “real art”.

It is a charming market, not too large and will leave your tummy satisfied and full.

Columbia Road Flower Market

London Food Markets Columbia Road Flower Market

Visit this market either before or after seeing Brick Lane Market.

These two London food markets are so close in proximity to one another (roughly 10 min walk).

You can go to one late morning, and do the other late evening.

Mind you, this market is open on Sundays only.

Even though it is rightfully called the flower market for obvious reasons, this market boasts about 60 – 70 shops, small art galleries, cupcake shops, vintage clothes stores, as well as antique shops.

You can eat at the English and Italian delis or the numerous pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Borough Market

London Food Markets Borough

A great London food market that is very international and has fresh bread, pastries, desserts, produce, cheese, deli meats, spices, and more!

Almost everyone who visits this London food market has to stand to eat.

It is hard to find a spot to sit down to eat here, but once you do, you won’t be disappointed.

If you have little children, toddlers or babies, you will need your stroller. I would say, visit this market without kids if you can. They may not enjoy having to stand around while you search for great items.

You will love the traditional desserts from all over the world.

Come to Think of It – I Will Add An Extra Market In Here…

Greenwich Market

London Food Markets Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market is a wonderful market full of unique and distinctive arts and crafts.

Well known for giving customers  access to items that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

It is also London’s only historic market set within a World Heritage site.


So whether you’re looking for gourmet ingredients to make a delicious meal for your family, home-made treats or a quick bite to eat, as you can see, London food markets are the place to go.

If you want detailed information including open times of the London food markets, you can click each individual link below for more.

Covent Garden London

Camden Market

Brick Lane Market

Columbia Road Flower Market

Borough Market

Greenwich Market

I also recommend:

Portobello Road Market

Southbank Center Market

Brockley Market

Maltby Street Market

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If you are heading to London anytime soon, make sure you don’t miss out on other great sites.

Take a peek at my Quick And Easy Guide To London check out any of these great markets and let me know what you think.

If you have been to any of these markets, or live in London, kindly let me know what else I can add.

Looking forward to reading your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.


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  26. I always love looking around Covent Garden! I love the architecture there, my only issue is that it is always very crowded and the prices there can make it feel like it’s become a little bit of a tourist trap. My Parents keep telling me I need to visit Borough Market, so far I’ve not made it there but I can’t wait to on my next trip! The food there is supposed to be out of this world amazing!


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    1. Borough Market really does have great food, if you don’t mind standing then I would say go there and try it out. Also, you can do takeaways so if you don’t necessarily want to eat it there you don’t have to. Hope you get to go soon. 🙂

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