How To Save Time And Boost Your Productivity

February 19, 2017

How To Save Time And Boost Your Productivity ABBL


What Are You Currently Doing To Save Time And Boost Your Productivity?

We all want to the most out of our day, so how do you save time and boost your productivity? I write about self-improvement, and I can tell you that there’s no way to grow  and self- improve if you are not being productive with your time.

It is all about planning and setting priorities. Knowing what your plans for the day, week, month will be is important.

I am a planner and an organizer, so I function best when I know what I am doing and when. Having a toddler means I have to be flexible, but you get the idea.

Do you ever feel like you have so much work to do that you do not even want to get up from your desk or working space? Not even to get a glass of water or some fresh air?

I am that way. The healthier choice is to take a break at least once every hour.

Get your eyes off the screen for at least 5 – 10 mins, drink water, stretch your legs.

Your mind isn’t designed to work full force all day long. The brain is for processing, not storage.

I find that how I start my morning sets the tone for the rest of my day.  I like working at night when the house is quiet, but, I am only productive with my work is my day has gone as planned.

 How Do You Save Time And Boost Productivity?

There are lots of ways. I have a great list of 15 ways, but I narrowed this down to 10 ways for you by combining some of the other five into the ones listed below.

See? I am already helping you save time and boost productivity.

 1. Love What You Do

I usually save the best for last, but this should stay here at number one.

You have to love what you to maximize productivity. If you are not enjoying what you are doing then it is likely that your work will be counter-productive, or not reaching it’s full potential.

 2. Find Your Prime Time

Everyone has a time of day when they are most productive. For some it is early in the morning, others late at night. Whichever way, use that time of the day to work on your tasks. Allocate a realistic amount of time for you to start and complete at least one task during that time.

 3. Follow The Two-Minute Rule

This is something I learned from David Allen, a time management consultant and best-selling author. His two minute rules is this: If you determine an action can be done in two minutes, you should do it right then.

“Lost time is never found again.” —Benjamin FranklinClick To Tweet

It really works and will help you not only procrastinate less, but save time and boost your productivity.

 4. Learn To Say No

I wrote a post on this which will help you tremendously. In it I explain why saying “no” can be one of the best things you do daily. You can read it here.

 5. Don’t Multitask

One would think that multitasking would be the best way to save time and boost productivity but that is not true. It only makes the time you take for completing each task take longer. If you want to optimize your productivity, focus on one thing at a time.

 6. Prioritize, Prioritize , Prioritize

Figure out what the three most important tasks are that need completion and just do them. Plan and prioritize your tasks the night before so the next morning you have a clear picture of what needs to be done. This will not only motivate you, but help you in goal setting and planning, I have a free goal setting guide  you can download here.

 7. Eliminate Distractions

If only it were so easy. I look at my phone a lot and have lots of tabs open on my laptop all the time. I try not to multitask or become distracted by things. I know I mentioned not multitasking above, but I am human, guilty as charged. I am a work in progress and getting better. 🙂


How To Save Time And Boost Your Productivity Declutter

8. Remove Clutter From Your Desk

I cannot work in a messy environment, I just can’t. It makes me feel all scatterbrained. All the clutter is a distraction for me. How about you?  Does decluttering your desk help you feel like you are more organized? Ready to work?

 9. H20

Staying hydrated throughout the day will help you keep your energy levels up. I don’t drink as much water as I should but I am getting better at it. I love adding a few drops of lemon to my water to give it a better taste and instant boost.

 10. Turn Off Social Media

When I am working on a particular task or need to meet a deadline I need to turn off my social media.

Do you ever feel like you are swamped with Facebook notifications and WhatsApp alerts? Turn these off or keep your phone out of sight. In order to save time and boost your productivity, you can also allocate time in your day to spend on social media. You can click on the pin below to save this post without having to go directly to your Pinterest page. 🙂 Efficient right?

It is important though to stick to those times. It is hard – yes, but when you make it a habit, you won’t miss it at all. It is amazing how many hours in the day you can gain by staying off social media.


These ten tips and suggestions on how to save time and boost your productivity are not set in stone. They are guidelines in order to get you started on the best way to be and stay productive. You might find that some work for you and others don’t.

Your daily life, routine and schedule will be factors that you need to take into consideration when implementing these tips. Prioritizing and eliminating should become a daily habit.

Do you have additional ways that save time and boost your productivity? Please share them with me in the comments section below.

Want to save time and boost your productivity? Read through to learn how and watch the daily victories begin to transform your life.


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    Social media is a necessary evil Whatever we do it can such time like nothing else .Loved all the tips .I have one more to add .Cluster like activities .

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  9. Reply


    Very good advice and keep up the good work

  10. Reply


    This is a perfect timing for me! The best way for me is to take a rest for 10 minutes, either I will sip on my coffee or take a walk, there it will begin my contemplation on how will I fix and set my time accordingly.

  11. Reply


    If my things are organized, I can save a lot of time and boost my productivity for the day. I list things that I need to do for a week so it is easy to keep track.

  12. Reply


    Today I have told myself that after work when I get home, I’m going to get stuff done. This perfect as it will help me to get the most done. The break idea is perfect.

    1. Reply

      Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

      I wish you all the best Nina! 🙂

  13. Reply

    Rachel Li

    Have to say these are exactly the suggestions I need now! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Reply

    Ellie Chan

    oh my gosh, this post is perfect! I am bookmarking this one! There are days when I just don’t feel like i’ve been as energized and productive as I could be. I have to be busy or I loose momentum but also taking your breaks to rest your eyes away from the screen is so important.


  15. Reply


    This is an excellent list and reminder, Sheri! My husband had once told me about the two minute rule but I never really got around to implementing it, your post is prompting me to do so, will give it a try starting right now 🙂

    xx, Kusum

  16. Reply


    These are all great tips! I think my favorites and the ones I use most often are decluttering, the 2 minute rule, and finding my prime time (first thing in the morning surprisingly).

  17. Reply


    I’ve recently been turning my phone on do not disturb when I’m reading to help minimize distractions on social media, but it’s so hard!

  18. Reply


    Oh my goodness, you threw me for a loop with ‘don’t multi-task’, lol! But I totally get, focusing on 1 thing is more productive.

  19. Reply


    I find it so hard to stop, I keep going until I basically collapse. This of course has a very negative effect both on my body and my productivity levels. This post was an eye opener. I’ve never heard of the 2 minure rule, I must put this to use asap! Thanks for the inspo!

  20. Reply


    I am some who loves to prioritize my work but, something you said just caught my attention: Follow The Two-Minute Rule. When i think of a great idea which can be done in less than 1 minute, I’d rather get up and do something unproductive that do it right there. This needs to stop for me. These are really great tips, Thanks for sharing.

  21. Reply


    These are such great tips! I really need to do more of these, especially the prioritizing! That will be a huge help! I’m always all over the place! 🙂

  22. Reply


    This is great advice! I’m always multi-tasking and then I get distracted and don’t finish things properly. Waking up earlier has also helped me be more productive since I’m more likely to get work done before the day’s distractions creep in.

  23. Reply

    J Shan Trice

    I make a daily, weekly, monthly… To Do List and goals and/or vision boards. They have definitely helped me out in 2016 and beginning 2017. I am excited to try some of your suggestions tomorrow to keep myself on track!

  24. Reply


    The 2 minute rule is great for those who procrastinate or have ADHD. If we know it just takes 2 minutes, its easier for us to get it done.

  25. Reply


    I am a planner just like you and I make a list of what needs to be done and have spread sheets to follow, keeps me on track and keeps me focused so I don’t get too much wasted time on social media and reading things when I am meant to be blogging. Great post.

  26. Reply

    Olivia | The OP

    YES! Don’t multitask and H20 are two major things I overlook when it comes to productivity. I often get too busy to stand and get water at times. Ugh. I also thought before that multi-tasking would help me not get bored… but it just made me lost, haha. Thank you!

  27. Reply


    Oh my, I am a work in progress too. I am working out a prioritized schedule as we speak, like literally started implementing it this week. I am a night owl so I do my best work very late at night. I go to the gym at 1 am and then come home to work on the blog. It works out great for me, plus my kids are later risers so some days I get to sleep in. Thanks for the great tips, shared to read and take notes later.

  28. Reply

    Gain Success When You Stop Learning And Start Doing

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  29. Reply


    These are great tips! I’m currently at uni, and am always on the look out for tips like this as I find myself easily distracted from my books!
    Emily xx

  30. Reply

    Katja Knox

    I agree with “don’t multitask”. Too often you end up doing a half assed job and having to go back and doing it all again.
    Katja xxx

  31. Reply

    Karoliina Kazi

    I like that two minute rule and will start using it for sure. I tend to multitask and then my brain goes mushy.. thanks for reminding me of all these useful tips to keep in mind for better focus.

  32. Reply


    That was helpful! Especially the two-minute rule. 🙂

  33. Reply

    Vogue Point

    Very informative!

  34. Reply


    Some great tips here, that 2 minute rule sounds good since I have a baby

  35. Reply

    Dreamer Achiever

    Excellent tips! That two minutes rule sounds good. By using it I could make my to do lists a lot shorter! 🙂

    1. Reply

      Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

      I agree. Once you get it done in those two minutes, it’s over and you can move on to the next thing. 🙂

  36. Reply


    Very usefull tips,thank you for sharing 🙂

  37. Reply


    Thanks for this post. I work from home, so there are many tips here I can certainly use. I already do a few of them, such as #1, 2, & 9. I need to get better at #4.

  38. Reply

    Jasmine Watts

    Love that two minute rule! I totally agree with all of these and I need to stop multitasking!

  39. Reply


    Bookmarking this post! I love that two minute rule and need to read that book! I am a big multi-tasker so maybe I should really settle down and focus on one thing at a time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Reply

      Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

      You are welcome Emily. I am a multitasker as well, but when I comes down to completing certain tasks, especially ones on the computer then I need to have focus, so I monotask instead. As a first time mom to a toddler, not being able to multitask is almost unimaginable. LOL. Thank you for bookmarking and sharing. xoxox S.

  40. Reply

    Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    Love the “Two-Minute Rule” and the tip to Prioritize! Both are so important, and I’m trying to be better at the Two-Minute Rule-type thing! Thanks!

  41. Reply

    Devina Vadera

    I am so easily distracted!Ughs! Plus a toddler in the mix doesn’t alway help. Plans go array and I feel like I am juggling lots of things at once. By bedtime I am just rushing to get in front of my computer and get some work done! Ai yaya

    1. Reply

      Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

      hahahahahaha Devina! Story of my life 🙂 that’s why I needed to find a good strategy.

  42. Reply

    Lanae Bond

    Taking breaks does help me to stay focus because working for hours can cause me to feel less energize. So that is something that I try do whenever I feel like I not giving my best.

  43. Reply


    This list is everything that I should be doing to maximize my time but I am far from it lol. I have a ton of tabs opened on my laptop as well. My phone is always a distraction. And at work I get in the habit of “multi-tasking” instead of finishing one task. Sigh! I need to develop that 2 minute rule. Sometimes I procrastinate and that is not healthy. However I am taking baby steps towards improving.

    1. Reply

      Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

      Baby steps is all you need to get going. I knew I had to start and that it would be hard to do, but the longer I do it, the easier it becomes. I still have many tabs open sometimes and of course get distracted but I am so much better than I sued to be. I am sure this time in a few months, you will have achieved better productivity. 🙂 All the very best.

  44. Reply


    This is an amazing list! I will always have these at the back of my mind now!

  45. Reply


    You know you need this post when you start saying things like.. I need to do that, I don’t do this often, what is that?! hahaha Yup, that was me!

  46. Reply


    I am also a planner and hate last minute work emergencies that are really not an emergency. 🙂 I love the tips. And i also prioritize and find that planning and being proactive is the best way for me to get the most out of my day. i also love eliminating distractions and saying no. That has been the biggest game changer for me. I no longer allow people to pass their work off on me. Love this. Sharing it.

    1. Reply

      Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

      Thank you so much Nichole. We are completely on the same page with this. I also used to “collect” work from others, but no more. It is so freeing to have learned to say no (I wrote a post about this I am more productive and less overwhelmed. 🙂

  47. Reply


    I literally feel like this is my life today. I totally agree with all of these! I need to stop multitasking and focus more on one task at a time!

  48. Reply


    Distractions are my biggest thing. It seems something comes along and since it seems more important (or more interesting), I drop what I’m doing and forget to go back!

    1. Reply

      Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

      YES! Scott this used to happen to me a lot. After about an hour I would then remember what I was actually doing before I became distracted. I had to learn to stop doing that and quit multitasking while I was trying to finish one task. It is hard but will help in the long run. LOL 🙂

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