5 Ways to Spruce Your Guest Bedroom Before Your In-Laws Visit

September 7, 2017 3 comments
5 Ways to Spruce Your Guest Bedroom Before Your In-Laws Visit

Are Guests Coming To Stay In Your  Home In The Near Future? Here’s How To Prepare


Today Beth K. Watson will share with you the different ways to spruce your guest bedroom before you have people over.

Having guests stay overnight is not unfamiliar to me. Especially your in-laws.

Some of them, can be so critical, so you don’t want to give them extra conversation material.

If you are on my blog regularly, you know I love to declutter and organize.

It is always great to learn new ways to do things in a more productive way.

So, handing over to Beth to share tips and suggestions with you.


5 Ways to Spruce Your Guest Bedroom Before Your In-Laws Visit

You found out your in-laws are coming in a few days and they are staying at your home.

Your guest room needs fixing up and organization.

If time is short, there are quick solutions to make the room inviting and comfortable.


The Comfort of Fresh Sheets

Spruce Your Guest Bedroom Bed Covers ABBL

The bed is your most important asset in a guest room. First, wash the bedding, all of it.

If you can afford it, replacing all the bedding is even better.

Have extra light blankets either layered on the bed or placed in the open so your guests will know where they are.

A minimum of two pillows, one soft and one firm, per guest, is a good rule to use.

To make your guests feel extra special, leave a sweet treat on the pillow.

A small chocolate bar or even a small package of gourmet cookies is a wonderful way to welcome overnight visitors.

Make sure the TV remote is on a table next to the bed along with some current magazines for reading.

A vase of fresh-cut flowers is a nice extra and will make the room smell fragrant.

Place two bottles of water on the table so your in-laws won’t have to get up in the middle of the night for a cup of water.


Little Things Make a Big Difference

Spruce Your Guest Bedroom Bathroom

When guests are staying with you, it is a clever idea to have a supply of essential items they might have forgotten.

A wicker basket filled with items like body soaps and lotions, nail file, shampoo and conditioner, razors, and a spare blow dryer covers most of the basics.

Place extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, band aids and antibiotic cream in the bathroom where your guests will see them.

You are not only to spruce your guest bedroom, but the bathroom as well.

A miniature sewing kit  is handy too. You never know when a button will come loose.

Don’t forget the closet.

Clear out closets and drawers so your in-laws have room to hang and store their things.

Place extra hangers in the closet so your guests do not have to ask for them.

If needed, store unnecessary items in another bedroom or the garage so the guest room does not look cluttered.


Don’t Forget The Kitchen

Spruce Your Guest Bedroom and Kitchen

Now that your in-laws are in your home, prepare your kitchen with the things they particularly like.

Have a variety of morning juices, stock up on the type of milk or coffee and creamers they enjoy.

A medium roast coffee will suit most guests but have a caffeine-free coffee as well.

A variety of tea, decaf chamomile and peppermint flavours are great for relaxing before bed.

If your guest enjoys an evening cocktail, stock up on their favourite ingredients.

A few easy snacks like pretzels or chips are also nice to have.

This will spruce your guest bedroom too.

Ask your visitors about food allergies so you can avoid a trip to the Emergency Room.


Make The Room Comfortable

Spruce Your Guest Bedroom and Make The Room Comfortable

Many times, the air ducts to the spare room are closed, making the room too warm and stuffy for guests.

If you rarely use the room, a ductless HVAC system is a smart choice to help control heating and cooling costs.

Call a professional heating and air service like Sullivan Heating and Cooling to install the ductless system.

Use the system only when needed plus, a ductless system does not need the maintenance a regular HVAC system needs.

A big plus is ductless systems need less maintenance than traditional HVAC.

You won’t ever need to have it cleaned, seal leaks, or add insulation.

Since these systems work differently, they will last longer with fewer breakdowns.


Adding The Final Touch

Spruce Your Guest Bedroom Final Touches

Another way to spruce your guest bedroom is to add those final touches.

Make sure you vacuum or mop the room just prior to your in-law’s arrival.

Double check the room and make sure you put all the clutter away or move to another room.

When the weather is nice, open a window and let the room air out before your guests arrive.

If your guests are not familiar with the area, place a map of the city and a guide in the room.

For young children are visiting, place a few age-appropriate toys or even souvenirs in the room for them to play with.

This extra touch will be greatly appreciated and lets your visitors entertain themselves when you are not available.

When hosting overnight guests, it is important to make them comfortable.

Adding a few extras, like a basket of toiletries or entertainment ideas, will make their stay more enjoyable for both you and the in-laws.


How do you get your home ready for visitors?

Share with us in the comments section below.



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Nikita Raikwar September 11, 2017 - 08:03

Your idea of sprucing up the guest room when guests arrive shows how welcoming you yourself might be when there are visitors.
Absolutely loved your article, Thanks for sharing!

Kristan September 8, 2017 - 12:50

This turned out great! My husband and i have been putting off decorating our guest room because we are renting. But, we decided to buy a house very soon and I will definitely refer back to this for tips for our guest room for when family comes to visit! Thank you for sharing.

Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life September 8, 2017 - 13:11

Thanks so much for stopping buy. Congratulations on your new place! Yes, refer back to here when you are ready to spruce your guest bedroom. Little tips can make a big difference.
Have a great day Kristan. 🙂


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